People--now and then...

So very many people have had an impact on my life--I will try to introduce and honor a few of the truly unforgettable women (oh, okay, and men) whose presence has shaped, informed and enlightened my reality during my 48 years on this planet.

1956--Waiting for the internet to be invented.

Bert G. Lacquement, Jr.

Friend, teacher and shaman extraordinaire, Char Sundust

The cats who own us: Itty Bitty, Velcro,  Pearl, Shadow and Jesse

Geof, my fellow Scorpio & friend of 30+ years,  Daddy to Veron

Our wedding, November 1980

Good buddy Myrna with rescue dog, Chance

And with fangs of her own.

Obligatory family photos except I love these-- such classic 1950's style!  To the left with my parents, June and Jack, above with my mom, dad and grandmother at five minutes to eight, some time in early 1956.