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Joy Schulenburg, professional psychicIn private sessions, Joy uses her unique gifts of intuition and insight to guide and counsel people in all areas of life. Whether the issue is relationships, life goals, career, spiritual growth, health or any other topic, she has extensive experience in answering questions clearly, accurately, and compassionately.


Joy has been a practicing psychic, astrologer and trance channel since 1975. She began her training as a medium in 1973 under Chicago spiritualist Frederico D'Arechega and holds initiations and practices in Native American shamanic process, Yoruba, Wiccan and Tibetan Buddhist lineages, including Dzogchen meditation from her primary teacher, Wangdor Rimpoche as well as native Tibetan Bon shamanism and Nyingma dream yoga. She has received training in both the Bon tradition of Soul Retrieval with Tenzin Wangyal Rimpoche and its American counterpart (inclujding extraction of psychic intrusions) with Native American shaman and healer Char Sundust. Joy's primary work has been as a trance channel for the entity "Cinhar" who describes himself as "an old sometimes-Druid who has been around long enough to know a few things and not take any of them seriously. Laughter is good medicine.

Joy currently works and teaches in the East Bay, and spends part of each year in Northern India.

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Tarot, Astrology charts, Soul Retrievals, Trance work, classes in intuitive development

Over 25 years experience Available by phone or in person for private readings, consultations and special events by appointment only.