Psychic Work

Readings by JOY


Rates shown are cash rates at time of posting and may be subject to change. Please inquire about current rates, paying by check or travel fees at the time you book your appointment.

Tarot/Psychic Reading -- Private Session
By appointment only. Minimum appointment is for half an hour.
$40 per half hour
$75 per hour
Tarot/Psychic Reading -- by Telephone
Pre-paid appointment required. I accept Paypal.
$40 per half hour   

$75 per hour   
Astrology - Natal (Birth) Chart
Basic chart based on time, date and place of birth. Includes printed chart info and 1 hour tape of personal interpretations.
Astrology - Transits (Month to Month)
Current planetary influences that affect your daily life. Taped or written interpretations. Requires natal chart be done first.
3 month period
Astrology - Other
By arrangement: progressions, transits to progressions, Arabic Parts, asteroids, vocational analyses, etc.
Call for rates
Trance Channeling Sessions
Private or Group Sessions available - half hour minimum. See also Class Schedules for Open Group Sessions
$65 - $85
Sliding Scale
Tarot Readings - Special Events & Parties
Available for group get-togethers, luncheons, wedding showers, holidays, corporate events, etc. 2 hour minimum
Call for rates
Gift Certificates Available
Gift Certificate -- Half hour reading
Gift Certificate -- Hour reading
Gift Certificate -- Astrology Chart

For appointment....

Email Joy at,
or phone (415) 691-6019 (US)
            91-981677080 (India).


Tarot, Astrology charts, Soul Retrievals, Trance work, classes in intuitive development

Over 25 years experience Available by phone or in person for private readings, consultations and special events by appointment only.