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The Soul Retrieval Journey

During your soul retrieval Joy will enter an altered state of consciousness with the assistance of a steady drum beat, a rattle or the tone of a Tibetan Bowl. She may chant aloud. She then journeys into the shamanic worlds where she will do at least one of the following four things on your behalf:
  1. Find and bring back to you various soul parts that were lost or stolen in the past, and are now ready to return. A soul part may depart from you of its own accord due to some trauma or there may have been people in your life who took parts of you, perhaps because you were very attached to them or because they wanted to control you. In the latter case, Joy and her allies will bargain with the individual who took the parts in order to get them back. They may also receive a healing or psychopomp work, guiding them to the Land of the Dead for rest. When the journey is over (when the drumming stops)  Joy will blow the soul parts into you through the top of your head.
  2. Extraction work. If you want her to do so, she will remove any undesirable energy that is clinging onto you as a result of unresolved issues from your past, your social conditioning traumas or other people or entities trying to control you.
  3. Power Animals and allies: She may encounter power animal or archetype allies and retrieve them for you to use for your own strength and healing work.
  4. Physical Healing: If you are suffering from pain or disease, she may be able to locate and return body parts from your younger days when they were still healthy.

What you will perceive during the soul retrieval

First, Joy smudges her instruments - and all the people present - in order to purify and cleanse them. She gives you a stone or a shell to hold while she calls in protection to the circle. Once the circle is set, everyone involved needs to remain until it is complete. Joy will then ask you some questions about your intent in doing this work and about your past: what kind of traumas you have suffered, where you perceive you need healing, where you experience yourself as less than whole. Then she takes the stone or the shell you have been holding which she uses to collect the parts of your soul until she can return them to you. She sits or lies down next to you on the floor. The drumming starts and, as Joy and her allies go on their journey, you may hear the sounds of her power animals: the grunt of a bear, the hoot of an owl, and other noises. She may chant to summon the healing properties of the five elements. As she does extraction work Joy will get up and shake a rattle over you, sometimes touching you with her hands as she pulls out things that have been embedded in you, sometimes using a stone, a feather or other ritual implement to cut or peel them away. She doesn't actually cut your skin as she does this, although some people do feel a mild sensation. You may find your self experiencing a variety of feelings, and it is fine to laugh or cry or move as you need to, but it's important that you stay awake, aware and conscious in the present: keep your eyes open and stay aware of the room and your place in it. Do not journey with her or attempt to see what she is seeing.

Welcome Home

When she is done, the drumming stops, and Joy blows your soul parts into you. At this point she tells you how many soul parts she has returned and what age you were when they originally departed. She then writes her experience down. When she is finished, she returns and explains it to you: who she met on her journey, what she saw, what entities or archetypes came to help (or, occasionally, to hinder). You may take any of the information she gives you literally or metaphorically. We usually make a tape.

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