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Information about the Teachings

About Offerings

The Dharma cannot be sold or have a price put on it. Therefore, in accordance with Tibetan custom, there is no "door fee" for Wangdor Rimpoche's teachings. Rather, it is appropriate to make an offering based on what you can manage and the value the teachings have for you. No one will be turned away for lack of money. Offer what you can, if you can. Think of it as "sliding scale". If you are unsure how much is appropriate to offer the teacher, a reasonable rule of thumb is roughly the amount you earn in one hour for each hour of teachings, with a separate offering made to the translator of what you can afford. If you have no money, an offering of time, skill, wildflowers, etc. is acceptable.

Traditionally, white scarves (katak) are used to wrap offerings for presentation directly to the lama at the end of the teachings. These are blessed by the lama and returned to the individual, being placed around her/his neck. Offerings can also be presented in white or red envelopes and these are usually available at the door. Donations for the translator can be presented in an envelope or left in a basket at the door.

There is no Center

Wangdor Rimpoche chooses to be an itinerant teacher and has established no permanent sangha or center in the U.S. He built and continues to help to support the many monks at Zigar Monastery in Rewalsar, H.P., India for the reincarnation of his teacher Zigar Rimpoche, and a portion of the offerings he receives goes to this support, but he himself has no permanent establishment. When visiting the U.S., he teaches in a variety of centers upon invitation as well as independent groups and individually organized retreats. If you wish to arrange for or sponsor a teaching or retreat, please e-mail us. He has a large number of devoted disciples and students in the U.S. and is expected to be traveling quite a bit while he is here. If we are unable to accommodate your specific request, we may be able to let you know about teachings in your area. Rimpoche's "organization" in the U.S. is composed of his translator, a secretary and such students as wish to volunteer time and energy so please have patience if it takes us a few days to get back to you. Please note that we will probably be able to reply to your e-mail more quickly than to phone messages. Thanks.

Lost & Found

While we acknowledge the inevitability of impermanence, we find that, after teachings, the organizers are often saddled with a number of items that have become separated from their owners. Following is a list of things left behind at various teachings. These can be claimed by contacting the individual or center shown after the item(s).

Lama Wangdor Rimpoche
Holy Caves of Padmasambhava
Rewalsar/Tso Pema
Himachal Pradesh, North India